Madison, Mississippi (MS)

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Area Code: 601
Prefix (NXX): 427
Calling outside U.S.: +16014279076
City: Madison
County: Madison
State: Mississippi
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Central (GMT -06:00)
Registrant Company: Telcove Operations, Inc. - MS

601-427-9076 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Telcove Operations, Inc. - MS and is located in the city of Madison, Mississippi. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 6014279076.

Comments for 6014279076

#1 Other

The Do Not Call list is a list of phone numbers where the owners do not want to receive telemarketing calls. The Do Not Call List law requires that telemarketers buy the list and not call anyone on it.  The law does not apply to charities, pollsters, or politicians.  It does not apply to debt collectors or to anyone you have done business with in the past 2 years or have discussed doing buisness with in the past 6 months.

Many telemarketers obey the law.  Others ignore it.

#2 Other

This call really pisses me off.   John (identity name given) gives a spiel that you have had a medic alert ordered, paid for and even is free can they make an appointment to come and install the thing.  The only option given to you is to press 1 or press 5 or press nine. There is not a REAL person speaking to you only a recorded message.    I have pressed the number given to indicate not interested in this product, yet the calls continue.  There should be SOMETHING that can be done to stop people like (JOHN) whatever cave he is working out of.  He even called last night almost 9 o'clock.    Had the previous 3 calls just since last night.
Please as a disabled senior citizen, I am sick and tired of calls that I have not invited.    HELP.

#3 Other

Yes, this is scam recording telling you medic alert device has been ordered by someone else for you. Voice says it is all paid for and shipping is all paid for.  They want to arrange delivery date.  Don't be fooled.  These telemarketers should be outlawed.  If AARP is aware of this, why don't they don't they stop it??? They are a very powerful organization.  Also, the name that comes up with the number is gobbledegok. ALL Telemarketing should be outlawed in my opinion.

#4 Unknown

Medical supplies

#5 Telemarketer

these messages started on my phone about 3 weeks ago and has been almost every day
same person recorded message from JOHN   I would like to hook him up with Rachel FROM THE CREDIT CARD CALLS   THANK GAWD those finally stopped  don't think I could take Rachel and john

#6 Telemarketer

When you get the call from A Hole John, press 1 and schedule the appointment for the installation. For an address, provide the local police department address.

#7 Telemarketer

Just got a call from who else? John. who stated that I will be receiving the so called medical alert system. My phone # is registered with the do not call registry but I continue to receive unwanted/unsolicited/harassing calls daily. Is this registry a joke like everything else put in place by the current administration?
When I tried to call back that phone number it states that the number is no longer in service so only God knows where these scammers are located at. Something must be done!

#8 Unknown

Emergency Equipment

#9 Other

Also got a phone informing me that someone paid for a "medical alert system."  It was from someone named Richard.  Read the AARP article as well as this http://www.jsonl***.com/watchdog/pi/wisconsin ... -207071281.html

#10 Telemarketer

Spoofed number, didn't answer, no message left.

#11 Spammer

Spam call to my cell

#12 Unknown

was ready to send my free medical alert at no charge to me

#13 Other

Robo-caller, probably FRAUD or possibly telemarketer calling apparently from this number, but it's not a working number. Avoid.

#14 Other

I received a call from 601-427-9076. I called it back and a recording came on saying that it was not a working number. Any ideas??

#15 Telemarketer

If I find out who these miserable bestiches are I will burn their building to the ground, hopefully with John his whole farging shipping department in it.
AARP is a joke, they probably sell our names and numbers to these jokers.
Do Not Call is, of course,  a farce.

#16 Other

? "POff" petulantly pouted, "My phone # is registered with the do not call registry but I continue to receive unwanted/unsolicited/harassing calls daily. Is this registry a joke like everything else put in place by the current administration?" ?

Hey, Sleeping Beauty, I don't know which witch put you to sleep years ago, but the Do Not Call Registry (and its perverted exceptions) were put into place about three or four elections ago by someone who went around calling himself "President Bush."

See 15 USC § 6151 - National Do-Not-Call Registry, (Pub. L. 108–82, § 1,Sept. 29, 2003, 117 Stat. 1006.);
      15 USC § 6152 - Telemarketing Sales Rule; do-not-call registry fees, (Pub. L. 108–10, § 2,Mar. 11, 2003, 117 Stat. 557; Pub. L. 110–188, § 2,Feb. 15, 2008, 122 Stat. 635.); and
      15 USC § 6153 - Federal Communications Commission do-not-call regulations, (Pub. L. 108–10, § 3,Mar. 11, 2003, 117 Stat. 557.)

So let's give credit where credit is due.

#17 Unknown

Told me I ordered a medic device alert system and wanted to schedule delivery. I never ordered one, it is a scam.

#18 Unknown

some sort of home medical alert device that had been purchased by a family member for me (not true)

#19 Unknown

Medical alert - can't get up.

#20 Other

Unwanted caller

#21 Other

“wayne(?) I can't get a type of system you seen on TV. Looks like the system is been recommended by thousands of hospitals and medical professionals. Let's see says here that the systems already been paid for. Looks like you're getting the system because you do yourself a friend or family member or maybe even someone you know who's experienced a fall in the past. So come again. It's already been paid for. So there's no cost to you whatsoever. Also says here that the shipping has already been paid...”

#22 Telemarketer

I received a few calls concerning the same subject matter

#23 Telemarketer

These messages started about a month ago and they have been almost daily.  The same message is on a recording from JOHN. He says I have ordered medical supplies and wants to know where they should be delivered.  He wants me to press "1".  I hange-up the phone.  My wife and I are tired of getting these calls.
Is there something anyone can do about this?  Thanks for your help.

#24 Other

This number has called repeatedly for quite a while now.  Today was the first time I answered it.  It was "John" as stated in previous posts.  He was calling to schedule delivery for my "Medic alert" system that has been     paid for, shipping and all,  Didn't order it, don't want it, and I'm not pressing either 1 OR 5, as who knows what that will do!  I just hung up.  I AM on the DO NOT CALL registry.  It is not doing much good though!

#25 Other

We get calls from this number daily.  They never leave a message.  I am sick of this and I hope they get caught and fined.  When they fall, I will not help them get up1-601

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